Established in 1999, Argos provides full support for multinational companies searching out new opportunities and business expansion around the world. Our mission is to present solutions to our customers, developing their projects and programs, through a low-risk and cost-effective strategy. Our qualifications and long-term relationships enable us to play an important role in the growth of our partners.

Argos is the partner you can rely on to give leverage to your business overseas. Argos was founded to assist our customers in enhancing their presence in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Our dedicated team of technical purchasing experts will assist your purchasing team to find the right supplier achieving a significant lean supply base and cost reductions for high engineering and technical parts. Quality and delivery performance are the key drivers to our global operation, therefore we have a specialized staff for quality assurance and logistics. Our US facility also provides local customer assistance and storage for safety inventory to minimize risks involved in any overseas operation.

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet our customers’ globalization challenges in the following areas:

·         Global Sourcing

·         Supply Chain

·         Outsourcing Services

·         Sales Services